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Information for Landlords

If you are a landlord, you are naturally going to be interested in the best ways to rent out or sell your property. Landlords Choice is designed to make the processes of renting or selling your property easier, leading to higher profits, less stress, and less time managing your investments.

Here is some of the information for landlords presented at Landlords Choice.

Using our site couldn't be easier!

First, read the instructions for the particular task you're interested in completing, and print off the material that is relevant so you will have it available later on.

Next, look through the various services that are available for the task. You will be able to review how much each service costs without signing up for it. Choose the package that best fits your needs. Finally, become a member by registering and then you can start using Landlords Choice to manage your properties. Easy!

Marketing Your Property

Marketing your property is one of the most significant advantages of using Landlords Choice. There is a wide range of marketing services and information for landlords available here, and you can advertise online on a variety of domains, including in most states,, and You can also advertise your rental properties on signboards,.

Being professional and distinguishing yourself is essential for staying competitive in today's real estate market, and Landlord Choice provides customisable for lease signs. You have likely seen the impact of high quality For Lease signs when it comes to getting properties moving.

Adding the Professional Touch

Landlords Choice allows you to give your property the professional touch it needs to attract attention. This is possible through a 60 cm x 90 cm corflute For Lease sign. You can even add a personal element to your signs by adding your phone number, contact name, website, and other information to convert viewers into renters.

Another asset provided by Landlords Choice is a quality collection of legal documents, or legal document packs. If you have spent any amount of time in real estate, you have likely come to dread the many wasted hours spent looking for the correct Australian legal documents.

This does not even begin to go into the many hours wasted upon the discovery that you used the wrong legal documents for your paperwork and need to start all over again. This is precisely why Landlords Choice provides a rich set of legal document packs that include the most up to date forms for each state or territory.

Legal Packs Included!

The legal packs also contain a checklist of which forms need to be used in which situations, and when they need to be used. This way you can stay up to date with the inevitable changes each year without worrying about whether or not your contracts and forms will have legal merit if they ever go to court.

Another useful set of information for landlords involves the quality of the tenants they select. Anyone with experience in the field knows that a reliable and responsible tenant makes being a landlord a far more enjoyable experience than a difficult, unreliable, or dangerous tenant.

Through access to the National Tenancy Database, registered users at Landlords Choice can sleep easier at night with the knowledge that the potential candidates they are considering for their properties are going to be a good match. Their details and rental histories can be examined and compared to the information they presented by comparison with the National Tenancy Database.

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